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              Triode group providing a full turnkey assembly for a single point of contact.It is a leading manufacturer of a PCB Assemblies.

              Triode group is a 9001:2008 certified.Its supporting for a SMT and Through Hole Assembly.Its also supporting a single or double-sided mixed technology PCB Assembly.Its also supporing for simple to very complex PCB Assemblies.

                  Triode group is having a capability to handle virtually any device including all the types of BGAs,CGAs,QFNs,DFNs,CSPs and SONs. Its using a 0402 Chip components to 54mm connectors and IC's. Its also supporing for a Quick turn Assemblies. It is providing a dedicated SMT line for prototype and low volume production. Its providing a Prototype & Production Quantities.

PCB Manufacture Melbourne 

                  It is supporting for a Consigned components or turnkey. It is also supporting for a Leaded Assembly and RoHS. Mechanical Assembly Services are provided by the triode group. It is providing a design for manufacturability (DFM) feedback. Its supporting for a cable and Harness Assembly.

                   Functional testing is supporting by the triode group. IC programming is provided by the Triode group. Conformal Coating and Epoxy Potting is also provided by the triode group.Triode group providing a state of the art surface mount and through hole equipment including a automatic pick and place.BGA rework and wave soldering is provided by the triode group.Fully ROHS complaint PCB Assembly services is provided by the triode.

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